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Know our history

The Aroeira Veterinary Center emerged in 2018, out of the desire to do more and better for our big friends.

It seeks to combine several areas of veterinary medicine but also biology (biomedicine) so that the best possible results in diagnosis and treatment can be obtained and for this it has a multidisciplinary staff with complementary training.

In addition to the team, Centro Veterinário da Aroeira has a renovated facility with its customers in mind and equipped with diagnostic technologies.

Our Center also has Love Patudos, an area dedicated to PetCare, where you can find various products, from food, accessories and medicines.

Our Team

The Veterinary Center of Aroeira has a multidisciplinary team of trained professionals who value good service as well as education and respect for animals. One of our biggest concerns is to have professionals passionate about the profession who value constant updating in the area of Veterinary Medicine.

Mafalda Ribeiro

MSc Veterinary Medicine

Marta Fonseca

BSc Biology

MSc Management and Conservation of Natural Resources

BSc Veterinary Medicine

Logo Animal Clinic
Helena Rosário

Veterinary Assistant


WhatsApp Image 2023-07-25 at 11_edited.jpg
Mariana Matos

Veterinary Assistant


Logo Animal Clinic
Rita Lage

Veterinary Assistant


Sofia Sequeira

Veterinary Assistant


Equipa de tosquias

Serviços especializados

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