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Toxic Food

There are several foods that are not toxic to us but are toxic to our friends and that is why we should always keep them in mind so as not to compromise your health.
Toxic foods include the following:

Chocolate - has theobromine that causes changes in the digestive, circulatory and most important neurologically

Garlic and onion - has negative effects on the digestive system, circulatory altering hemoglobin, causing the destruction of red blood cells and causing anemia and blood in the urine and also has effects on the liver leading to jaundice

Alcoholic beverages - even in small quantities can cause vomiting, diarrhea, changes in the central nervous system, which lead to coordination problems, difficulty breathing, coma and death.

Caffeine - causes several digestive changes

Grapes and raisins - cause acute kidney failure with pain and reduced urine, followed by vomiting, lethargy, anorexia and diarrhea and, finally, acute kidney failure

Fruit lumps - should never be given not only because they can swallow and cause some obstruction but can also contain toxic substances

Salt - salt intake in addition to our friends' normal diet can lead to hypertension

Very acidic foods (citrus fruits) - fruit and seeds contain citric acid and essential oils that can cause changes in the central nervous system and depression if eaten in high amounts

Raw green potatoes and tomatoes - glycoalkaloids can cause tremors, convulsions and cardiac arrhythmias

Mushrooms - have several toxic substances that lead to kidney and liver failure, abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea, delirium, hallucination, seizure and death

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