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Physical but also mental health!

A dog to be healthy must be physically but also mentally and for that we have to stimulate them with environmental enrichment through various techniques. One of them is through toys that, besides keeping them entertained, stimulate them to think and challenge them. One of the toys that is more and more known and with very good results are the food dispensers, especially those of the kong for their strength and shape.
The correct use of this toy helps to solve and avoid some unwanted behaviors and teaches the dog to enjoy being alone.
Helps to avoid:
Boredom - encourages the dog to do something and have goals

Barking - often arise from boredom or fear and to help solve the problem they need to be busy and expend energy

Gnawing destruction behaviors - dogs have a natural instinct to gnaw and have to redirect that instinct

Dental problems - in addition to helping to relieve the pain of changing milk teeth to permanent teeth in dogs, as an adult it helps to keep the jaw strong and teeth cleaner

Isolation stress as well as separation anxiety - helps to develop a positive association of being left alone with something good

In addition, it is a different way of giving meals. In addition to being stimulating and rewarding for the animal, it forces them to eat more slowly, which in the case of very hungry dogs to eat can be important.


Kong para o dia-a-dia

Uma vez que os dispensadores de alimento podem e devem ser utilizados no dia-a-dia para manter não só o cão ocupado como também para ajudar a resolver alguns problemas comportamentais, decidimos começar por colocar um vídeo de como encher uma kong para um uso regular e saudável da mesma.
Basta ter o alimento seco do seu cão, um alimento húmido de cão e um congelador! O seu cão vai adorar receber a sua refeição de uma forma diferente

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